Supernatural Thriller


DEA Special Agent William Powers, 35, is burned out from fighting Mexican billionaire drug Lord “Tarantula.” He gets drugged, kidnapped and branded with a supernatural tattoo. In Texas on leave, the tattoo uses Powers as its evil instrument. It repels his wife and she leaves with the kids. His physician is strangled. Fellow agents die when they encounter him. The entire Austin DEA office is wiped out causing national alarm. Director Moreno dispatches a force to bring Powers in.

A nurse takes him to a sorcerer. The only solution is to seek ablution from a mountain top Santero. Powers catches a ride and parachutes out, as the pilot flies helplessly into the mountain. Tarantula tortures Powers’ section chief. In a dream, Powers learns the evil magic has been transmitted from mass murderer Chiyidi.

In Mexico, Tarantula oversees a vast empire of cocaine production secreted inside a hollow mountain. He drives exotic cars and taunts guests with gorgeous playmates. His army of Gauchos supervise peons. Justice is swift and unmerciful. He praises his mother, the Bruja, and her supernatural control over Powers. Ships are in the harbor as Tarantula prepares close the deal on a huge shipment.

After an arduous climb, Powers finds the Santero and persuades him to perform the spiritual cleansing. His history of failures washes over him, moving closer to attacking the curse, each treatment more severe and almost killing him. But, Powers survives and descends the mountain to take on Tarantula.

Powers sneaks into the compound amid negotiations with the New York brothers. Trucks arrive to pick up the cocaine cleverly molded into PVC plumbing pipe designed to pass U. S. Customs inspections. The sexual prowess of his guests is challenged in Tarantula’s playroom as Powers attacks, coming face-to-face with Tarantula for the first time. 

Chaos erupts in gun battles as DEA agents charge in. The mountain explodes, raining white powder and cash down on the peons in the village below. Flames consume the Bruja and her evil accoutrements. Tarantula escapes. The agents celebrate their victory. Powers heads home to reconstruct his family.

But, Tarantula has highjacked a jet to Austin and holds Powers’ wife and daughters captive. In a final match of wits, Powers prevails, shoots Tarantula with a hidden Derringer. The story has been told to DEA top brass who don’t believe him and lock him away in a psychiatric hospital.

“An amazing amalgam of Carlos Castenada, Dean Koontz and John D. MacDonald .”

— Milos Fortunato, author of BIG MONEY

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